About us

Randall always did his best thinking while in the bathroom. As a child, his mother would ask him “what in the world are you doing in there for so long?”, and when he got older, his girlfriends would ask the same thing. His college roommates hated him because of this. 

He would always answer with the same response, “thinking!”, but that didn’t seem to ease the puzzled look on everyone’s faces. 

The truth was, it was his quiet place. A place where no one would disturb him—that is, until he got out and was bombarded with confused questions. But, while in the bathroom, he felt most human, and most able to... let it all out.

Later in life, Randall was introduced to flushable wipes, and his bathroom experience was changed forever. But, there was one problem. The wipes had to be kept out for all the world to see, or kept under the bathroom sink, where he always forgot to grab them before sitting down. Randall was all about cleanliness and minimalism, he couldn’t stand clutter, but he soon took a liking to his flushable wipes so much that he decided it was worth keeping them out if it meant a better bathroom experience. Of course, he knew there had to be a better way. 

One sunny morning, as he sat deep in thought, a curious question echoed from within his head to his lips, “toilet paper has its own holder right here where I need it, so why isn’t there the same type of product for my flushable wipes?”, he heard himself ask out loud. 

Just at that moment, the sun hid behind the clouds, a great wind picked up, lightning struck, and thunder shook our little earth. But inside Randall’s bathroom, it was as peaceful as a zen garden. Randall was at one with his bathroom. 

From there, Randall went straight to work on the first Toilet Paper Holder + Flushable Wipes Dispenser. Once he saw how improving his own bathroom experience could also improve his fellow human’s experiences, he launched Day Moon and went on to create countless original bathroom products. 

Want to know how far a lion’s roar can be heard from? Email us at hello@daymoondesigns.com.