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While travelling the world AND working a full-time job

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How I built my business while travelling 

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Hi, I'm Randall

I worked in sales for 12 years before finally deciding enough was enough, and it was time for me to start my own business and start living the type of life I knew was possible. 

One day while sitting on the toilet inspiration struck, and I came up with my first product idea: a toilet paper holder with built-in storage for flushable wipes. That fateful day was in June of 2020. By late November of the same year, just five months later, I had sourced a manufacturer in China, set up an Amazon account, created listings, and sold my first unit. 

The product showed promise, but was not selling more than a few thousand dollars a month for the first eight months I was in business. I knew if I wanted to escape the corporate world and live the life I knew was possible, I had to become an expert in e-commerce, and Amazon specifically. 

Over the next year, while I made countless mistakes that costed me tens of thousands of dollars, I tinkered, tested, and tried everything imaginable that might increase my sales and profit. Eventually I learned the hard way the secrets to success on Amazon, and in e-commerce more broadly. 

By the end of my second year in business, I perfected my strategies and had sold over $2 million in revenue. 

While I continue to grow my brand, I've loved getting to know other entrepreneurs and helping them star and grow their businesses, eventually scaling to over the million dollar mark as well. 

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